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Representing Scotland’s Community Landowners
Community Land Scotland represents Scotland’s new generation of community land owners. Together our members are managing some 500,000 acres of land, home to some 25,000 people.

Supporting Community Land Ownership
We have a vision of more communities taking control of their land and reaping the benefits of that community ownership. To do that we want to help inspire aspirant communities and influence the public policies that can help them.

Promoting a Socially Just Scotland
We believe that you can’t create a more socially just Scotland without tackling land ownership. Half of the country’s privately owned land is held by just 432 owners and a mere 16 owners hold 10% of Scotland (Wightman 2013) – we want to see more of Scotland’s land in the hands of Scotland’s people and communities.

Community Land Scotland Annual Conference 2013


When Scottish communities purchase the land on which their people live and work, they are freed to reinvigorate their areas and improve the prospects of future generations.

Community land purchase is the start of a long journey, often to reverse many years of decline. The purchase quickly stimulates the feeling of confidence which empowers communities to develop economic opportunities, enable the development of vital housing, build on a growing awareness of environment and heritage to enliven the social life of its people.

This web-site is a starting point. Here you can get information about the process of community buyout, information on how to get involved and contact details for other like-minded groups.


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